“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” Léonard DE VINCI

Innovative training methods and tools are combined together in order to meet the most stringent criteria of economy, efficiency and professionalism.

Thanks to an innovative teaching method where the human is at the center.

During your training, we will help you to reach your goals and dreams.

VINCI Aéro is equipped with its own A320 Cockpit Procedure Trainer.

This state of the art training tool, developed and designed exclusively for our ATO, is a full size replica of the A320 cockpit (buttons, lights and commands in 3D), allowing procedures and systems training prior to entering into a FFS.

Each component is functional and similar to the original A320 cockpit allowing exact-time interaction with every aircraft system in a structured training environment.

Under the supervision of an Instructor, our A320 Cockpit Procedure Trainer will provide you with familiarization, procedures and systems training prior to entering into a Full Flight Simulator.

With VINCI Aéro, enjoy your training !