Airbus A320 SFI/TRI Courses - Instructor Training - Our actual offers

Initial A320 TRI from 14,500 €*
Initial A320 TRI restricted from 8,000 €*
Initial A320 SFI from 8,000 €*
TRI A320 transition** from 10,500 €*
TRI A320 transition** from 11,000 €*
SFI A320 transition from 2,900 €*
SFI/TRI A320 revalidation from 900 €*
SFI/TRI A320 renewal** from 2 900 €*

*VAT excluded
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Become an instructor - Airbus A320 SFI/TRI - Details

The aim of the initial course is to provide a full training for Airbus A320 series pilots who don't hold a previous instructor certificate.

15. Initial A320 TRI

16. Initial A320 Restricted TRI

17. Initial A320 SFI

18. A320 TRI Transition*

19. A320 TRI Transition**

20. A320 SFI Transition

21. A320 SFI/TRI Revalidation

22. A320 TRI Renewal

23. A320 SFI Renewal

*A320 TRI Transition course from A320 Restricted TRI and Airbus Family TRI or from A320 SFI
**A320 TRI Transition course for applicants holding or having held an instructor certificate : FI, CRI, IRI, MCCI, SFI or TRI